Jun 17 2011

Jew­eler, artist, entre­pre­neur, cook­ing enthu­si­ast, web site con­sul­tant, graphic designer, cat lover (not the crazy put them in a bas­ket on rain­bows kind), dog lover, native Texan, some­time writer, full time lover of all things beau­ti­ful. Every­thing can be beau­ti­ful when seen in the proper light.

I own Yel­low Rose Designs, a graphic and jew­elry design busi­ness. About 2 years ago (in 2009), I decided it was time to rein­vent myself. I was tired of con­stantly rely­ing on cor­po­rate jobs to pay the bills. The cor­po­rate world is the most unsta­ble work­place, with hun­dreds of peo­ple able to ful­fill only a hand­ful of jobs — and more and more com­pa­nies look­ing for peo­ple to fill 3 roles with one employee. My skills as both pro­gram­mer and graphic designer put me at an advan­tage… and a dis­ad­van­tage. I can chameleon myself into what­ever most jobs require — coder, orga­nizer, librar­ian, designer, man­ager, trainer, cus­tomer ser­vice, the list goes on. But… do I want to? Do I want to fill a role that is dis­pens­able and can be replaced eas­ily by some­one who fits a “cor­po­rate mold” bet­ter than I do? Or do I want to cre­ate some­thing unique that brings beauty into the world?

For me, the answer was obvi­ous. I hope you join me on the jour­ney and enjoy your­self along the way.

Start with the first step … the rest will work itself out.