Jun 24 2011
  • Urgent pet adop­tion list for DFW link didn’t work. More info here: http://on.fb.me/lCgGb6 #
  • @kayecee I saw that after I posted. Reposted with a cor­rected link. Hope it works now! in reply to kayecee #
  • @kayecee Thanks! in reply to kayecee #
  • @kayecee Yup, no need to RT my twit­ter frus­tra­tions! It’s the 3rd time this week my links didn’t work. Arrrrgggh­hhh. :-p in reply to kayecee #
  • @Husitka I know, but I believe shar­ing the mes­sage is an impor­tant way to help too. That’s all I’m able to do too. *hugs* in reply to Husitka #
  • @Husitka I think I was. Shouldn’t mat­ter to me, though I was more shocked by the “block” than the unfol­low. I removed it. :”> in reply to Husitka #
  • @Husitka I’m look­ing for­ward to it too! Can’t wait to show you my lit­tle town. >:D< 😡 (and thank you :* ) in reply to Husitka #
  • Dear twit­ter. Please start rec­og­niz­ing my links and key­strokes. K? Thanks. #

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