Sep 22 2011
  • Get­ting ready to watch #f8 Love that they just men­tioned Etsy in the open­ing remarks on F8 Live! #
  • Face­book is promis­ing a bet­ter shar­ing expe­ri­ence. Will it be bet­ter for devel­op­ers or for users? #f8 #
  • Com­ment stolen from G+: Stay sober game: every time you see some­one over 50 at #F8 take a drink. Ha! Make that any­one over 40. ? #
  • Ok, is it just me or do the RL #f8 “con­nec­tions” look an awful lot like G+ Cir­cles? #
  • Not impressed with #f8 open­ing but it rings true. New list for peo­ple you’re not inter­ested in. We don’t care about users. Not news. Wait­ing #
  • Next 5 years will be defined by apps? They removed user engage­ment with apps. Don’t see where he’s going yet. #f8 still wait­ing… #
  • New prod­uct Time­line. All ur sto­ries, all ur apps, every­thing you’ve done on FB. Pretty. Wait­ing to see if FB decides my sto­ries for me #f8 #
  • Was it a Freudian slip? Mark Z: “All the way to MY bot­tom.. errr, all the way to the bot­tom” #f8 #
  • Map Time­line: Shar­ing with crim­i­nals when ur away from home. So NOT check­ing into places on FB, TW or any­where. Still not impressed Mark #f8 #
  • Reports: Show­ing how u used an app. Bring­ing back what they did away with a year ago. Is FB pan­ick­ing? Yes. #f8 #
  • FB Time­line = a bunch of pretty pho­tos. #f8 #
  • #f8 Bring­ing new indus­tries into avail­able apps. No longer just games. Could be use­ful. #
  • #f8 con­fer­ence has been inter­est­ingly quiet. Ner­vous laugh­ter and polite applause. Odd. #
  • Tak­ing away the “do you want to pub­lish this game story” option on FB games is a MAJOR FAIL. BAD CHOICE Mark. #f8 #
  • #f8 Com­par­ing #Time­line to scrap­book­ing. The first keynote speaker who comes across as human and not a walk­ing com­puter. #
  • #f8 over. That was.. painful to watch. Will sign up for pretty scrap­book asap but more of the same. FB is chang­ing. Again. What else is new? #
  • Hello and wel­come to all our new fans! Thank you for get­ting us over 25!! Look­ing for­ward to shar­ing with every­one… #

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